Dr. S. Faujdar BHMS

Dr. S. Faujdar, BHMS


Registration No : 15901

12 years of experience

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Dr. Faujdar's Homeopathic Center

Indore, Madhya Pradesh


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Born in a family having a 200-year-old tradition of natural herbal ayurvedic treatment and manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines. Dr. Faujdar gained the knowledge of herbs from his grandfather who is a renowned vaidya of his time. He saw a large group of patients every day visiting his grandfather after failure of modern medicine. There he closely observed the suffering pain of the patients and learned the art of prescribing before a medical degree at home. Family environment made him enthusiastic for deep knowledge of medical science and at age of 17 years he took admission in VRH Medical College Gwalior for BHMS. There in every exam he scored the highest marks in all 4 years and completed his degree with the highest rank in Jiwaji University, Gwalior. After completion of BHMS, he further joined his guru, Dr. RS Pareek sir and Dr. Alok Pareek sir in Agra to learn homeopathy at International Standard. Hard working for complicated cases and regular discussion with sir developed personal intrest for hopeless cases like cancer, kidney failure, cerebral palsy, or type of cases where surgery is recommended but patient is not opting for surgery. According to his thoughts “Man is not a machine, treat with care and sympathy.”